Bug Fix Release

I finally fixed the app to work with the changes YouTube recently made in their url scheme.

the new zip is available here. If you're using webstart everything should work... you may need to re-trust the certificate as I have moved to a new computer and forgot to move my old cert. so I had to resign all the jar files... if you care :)


Another Bug Fix Release

No new features... Frankly, this software works great for me, I use it every day and it does exactly what I need. I'm happy to look into new features if any are requested. But given how well it works for me, I'm not overly motivated to spend oodles of time on features no one (including me) is actively looking for.

Anyway, this minor release fixes a bug related to a change Youtube made in their URLs which was preventing the download of FLVs. It also _finally_ fixes a windows bug that was keeping the directory provider from working correctly.

stir and enjoy.


New Release - minor enhancements and bug fixes.

This release addresses some bugs and compatibility issues. There are also some cosmetic changes like expand/collapse for playlist contents, which should make managing multiple lists much easier.

here are some bullet points:

- new config page layout.. much easier now, i think.
- allow for fetching and conversion of FLV google video.
- can now get google video searches as sources.
- expand/collapse for playlist items.
- now supports MP3s in local dirs
- dir provider now has a "rec" type which will recurse the dir looking for videos.

borrrring... I'm slowly creating some playlist sharing features in the background.. but I'd love to hear your ideas for new features..


New Release: revver and mpeg4 and digg, oh my!

In the last week, I've had some great feedback! These guys all helped in some way on this release: groovis, josh, larsrasmusson, carlos, staffan, khwaja, km, and anyone else I missed (hopefully I didn't miss anyone).

NOTE: If you have previously used the CastCluster bookmarklet, please delete it and re-add it as you did the first time, the old one is now incompatible with this release.

Anyway... here's the guts of this release:

- You can now grab revver.com videos by video id, and by user name.
- you can now digg, gmail and del.icio.us any page from inside the cast cluster overlay.
- host, port and context path are all configurable.
- new icon that jumps the user to the source video's web page.
- a bunch of minor UI improvements.
- we're now using MPEG4 instead of H264 for better video iPod compatibility.
- added about page.
- several character encoding changes to make life easier for all our non-american friends!
- several fixes for annoying bugs.
- see a more complete list of bullet items here.

If you watched the first tutorial video there have been some changes... Hopefully these screen shots will help new users and old:

Difference between old and new versions..

using CastCluster to digg a url.

using CastCluster to del.icio.us a url.

using CastCluster to gmail a url:

To start CastCluster, use the Web Start launch link on the right =>

I don't really think anything is broken... but if it is... I really want to know about it... jump in and drop me a line in the google group.

I'll make a new video sometime between now and the apocalypse.

Finally, I'd like to add, that a month after initial release, CastCluster has had well over 3000 unique visitors and over 1000 downloads, most of that in the last week. I'm trilled. Thanks!!


Work around for known issue

Some folks have reported seeing an exception like this:

net.chowda.castcluster.util.CorruptFeedException: com.sun.syndication.io.FeedException: Invalid rss_2.0 feed, missing channel description

This happens to first time users... The workaround is to close CastCluster and start it again, and everything should work fine.. The real fix is in version control and will be in the next release, sometime this week.


CastCluster: Cosmetics and Usability + Video Introduction/Tutorial

A new release of CastCluster (look in the "about" sidebar for the link to launch with Web Start):

- you can now see more descriptive information about the stuff in your playlists.
- you are no longer required to have your own Youtube developer ID

I made a screencast to show you how I use CastCluster:

(I'm embedding the revver version because it seems like it's a little higher quality than youtube or google)

watch on google video
watch on revver
watch on youtube - (slowest upload process of the three, by far)

Bookmark keys - Firefox extension for assigning keyboard shortcuts to your bookmark tool bar items (including bookmarklets!).


CastCluster: Getting Better All The Time Edition

I've now figured out how to launch this thing via Java Web Start... If you have Java, you probably have Web Start... click this image to try it out:

Everything else should work basically the same... If you access CastCluster via Web Start, you should get all updates as I release them, so that will be nice... I'm keeping the old download release format around, so if you prefer that, just dowload the binary from the Google Project page as usual.

You still need to have ffmpeg installed.. but it's pretty darn easy.