Another Bug Fix Release

No new features... Frankly, this software works great for me, I use it every day and it does exactly what I need. I'm happy to look into new features if any are requested. But given how well it works for me, I'm not overly motivated to spend oodles of time on features no one (including me) is actively looking for.

Anyway, this minor release fixes a bug related to a change Youtube made in their URLs which was preventing the download of FLVs. It also _finally_ fixes a windows bug that was keeping the directory provider from working correctly.

stir and enjoy.


nils said...

I just want to say THANK YOU! Great tool! I do not own a video iPod or Apple TV, I got a KiSS DVD-player / HD-recorder with divx/xvid and MPEG4-support, and it worked the first time I tried! Now I can impress my friends who bought closed-source players ;-). The KiSS player (DP-588) runs a modified BusyBox-version.

evangeline said...

Awesome tool!! THANKS!
And I'm especially chuffed it works in Opera too :)