CastCluster: Getting Better All The Time Edition

I've now figured out how to launch this thing via Java Web Start... If you have Java, you probably have Web Start... click this image to try it out:

Everything else should work basically the same... If you access CastCluster via Web Start, you should get all updates as I release them, so that will be nice... I'm keeping the old download release format around, so if you prefer that, just dowload the binary from the Google Project page as usual.

You still need to have ffmpeg installed.. but it's pretty darn easy.


Marc said...

Hi, not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I have a playlist called "My Playlist" with two Youtube videos in the form of "yt|video|xxx"; I right click the URL, add it to iTunes, it shows up, but the podcast list, which should show the two videos, is empty. I checked the source of the *.XML file and the list is there.... hmmmmm.

If I can get this working, that would be great! My 8yr old is into Louis Armstrong and the only place I could find videos of him was on Youtube, and I want to put them on AppleTV so they play through the stereo and on the TV.

Thanks for a great start....


Dan B said...

can you email me your playlist? I'll try it out here... bachelderd (at) gmail (dot) com

if you wanted to remove the playlist from itunes... and add it again, then send me a cut and paste of all the text in the castcluster window, that might help me as well..