CastCluster: Cosmetics and Usability + Video Introduction/Tutorial

A new release of CastCluster (look in the "about" sidebar for the link to launch with Web Start):

- you can now see more descriptive information about the stuff in your playlists.
- you are no longer required to have your own Youtube developer ID

I made a screencast to show you how I use CastCluster:

(I'm embedding the revver version because it seems like it's a little higher quality than youtube or google)

watch on google video
watch on revver
watch on youtube - (slowest upload process of the three, by far)

Bookmark keys - Firefox extension for assigning keyboard shortcuts to your bookmark tool bar items (including bookmarklets!).


larsrasmusson said...

This is such a great idea! I'd like to use it, but when iTunes tries to access the feed, it gets an error.

This is what I get from the link


net.chowda.castcluster.util.CorruptFeedException: com.sun.syndication.io.FeedException: Invalid rss_2.0 feed, missing channel description

Caused by:

java.lang.RuntimeException: net.chowda.castcluster.util.CorruptFeedException: com.sun.syndication.io.FeedException: Invalid rss_2.0 feed, missing channel description
at net.chowda.castcluster.action.PlayListAction.feed(PlayListAction.java:43)

[I'll leave out the next hundred or so lines]

Dan B said...

Thanks for trying it out larsramusson!

If you restart castcluster does the problem persist? Some other people have reported this problem, but I've been having a hard time reproducing it... if you could send the offending playlist to the google group, it would be a big help.


KM said...

This is great, but why limit it to be only useful with iTunes. Neither IE nor Firefox reconize the feed url as an RSS feed.

One of the things that I don't like about AppleTv is its dependency on iTunes, I have hacked it enough to let it run the Files addin, and RSS addin for frontrow.... Would be nice to just install this on AppleTv then use with the RSS plugin

Dan B said...

Hey KM, thanks for the feedback!

I'm setting the Content-Type to "application/rss+xml" I'm not sure why the browsers don't pick it up as a feed... maybe because it's coming from localhost... I've created an issue on this: here

you can star that if you want to track progress on it.

CastCluster should work with non-browser podcatchers like Juice and Democracy Player as well.. although I have not tested this.

There is a chance that using CastCluster remotely, like from your hacked appletv box, will work right now... but I'm not sure. I have also logged an issue on this topic as well: here

Tamara Knutsen said...

This is a great project. I am trying to install it on a Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and with Safari as the default browser. The install either from the binary or the Java Web Start both start correctly, but when I am supposed to navigate to the http://localhost:8080/castcluster

I get this error message:


Could not locate an ActionBean that is bound to the URL [/PlayList.action]. Commons reasons for this include mis-matched URLs and forgetting to implement ActionBean in your class. Registered ActionBeans are: {/controller/DefaultView.action=class net.sourceforge.stripes.controller.DefaultViewActionBean}

Caused by: [had to exclude remaining lines due to comment character limit]

Any ideas on how to fix this?


McAlly said...

same problem as Tamara Knutsen.

Bill said...

Same as above 2 posters.

If anyone figures out a fix - I'd love to hear about it.

I suspect that this project has died though :(

Ben said...

I just discovered this wonderful program and tried to set up and use CastCluster according to the video instructions, and downloading the necessary ffmpeg components.

I get java error exceptions when trying to add URLs from YouTube:

07:16:10 INFO [net.chowda.castcluster.provider.YouTubeProvider] - getting youtube details for url: yt|video|3t_4awTemew
[Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.
07:16:11 ERROR [net.chowda.castcluster.provider.YouTubeProvider] - could not fetch youtube url!
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; Premature end of file.


Local files that I add in Castcluster also do not show up in iTunes Podcast.

I am on OSX Lion 10.7.3, Firefox 9 iTunes 11, Java 7. I also tried CastCluster on Windows XP running Java 6.

I'm wondering whether these problems are caused by the Castcluster compiling with older version of Java. And if, Castcluster is not compatible with newer iTunes version.

Any help would be much appreciated!